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RT @fritshoogland: Update on my @openworld presentation 'A Deep Dive into Oracle Database Statement Parsing': the room and capacity have ch… — 40 weeks 4 days ago
Bonjour @LDLC_Help, quand on utilise le “configurateur PC”, faut-il ajouter des câbles (ex: SATA pour connecter un… weeks 6 days ago
RT @FranckPachot: Now open: weeks 1 day ago
Good morning, registration for the CERN OpenDays 2019 (14-15 September) will open today at 12h (Central European Su… weeks 3 days ago
Bonjour, les inscriptions pour les portes ouvertes 2019 du CERN (14-15 septembre) seront ouvertes aujourd'hui à 12h… weeks 3 days ago
RT @CERNpress: [Press Release] 14 and 15 September! @CERN invites the public to explore the future at its #CERNOpenDays… — 50 weeks 2 days ago
.@JLOracle. Thank you a lot Jonathan. Your carefully written explanations have been key to me and many in reading a… year 2 days ago
RT @CERN: Find out how CERN and many places around the world celebrated #Web30 earlier this year:… — 1 year 1 week ago
RT @SOUG_CH: @SOUG_CH Event just started in Lausanne with @FranckPachot and @evrocs_nl , Full house ! Thanks guys ! year 2 weeks ago
RT @XLDBConf: Did you miss XLDB 2019? You can now find all our talks from this year's event on YouTube! year 2 weeks ago