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Are you a MySQL / PostgreSQL database engineer willing to support databases at CERN? Apply at… weeks 4 days ago
RT @JBeresniewicz: Uploaded my RMOUG presentation on core Oracle performance concepts to @SlideShare. The intent is to have a good deck for… — 19 weeks 4 days ago
Thank you @SQLMaria weeks 5 days ago
RT @CERNopenlab: If you're thinking about applying for our summer-#student programme, don't forget: deadline is in 72h!… — 23 weeks 4 days ago
RT @ludodba: Interested in working as DBA at CERN? Only a few days left to apply... weeks 5 days ago
RT @axboe: A while back I wrote an internal note on why you can sometimes see discrepancies between application IO sizes and what is observ… — 27 weeks 3 days ago
Are you a Database Engineer willing to support the databases used by the LHC experiments, LHC accelerator operation… weeks 2 days ago
I have good memories of the ZX81, also my first computer. Thank for bringing back the images. weeks 5 days ago
RT @CERNopenlab: Applications for the 2020 @CERNopenlab summer-student programme are now open! Join us for 9 weeks at @CERN, working hands-… — 35 weeks 6 days ago
RT @cwarakaulle: Spread the word: looking for a colleague to join the super protocol team organizing over 140 VIP visits and many high-leve… — 36 weeks 4 days ago