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#security days 21 hours ago
@joelgarry @connor_mc_d @JLOracle @nlitchfield @orcldoug @mnorgaard @UKOUG nope, its not me but also there is… week 1 day ago
RT @Matt_Mulvaney: #OOWLON is next Wednesday and Thursday: meet @Explorerukltd at stand 35 to learn about #OCEAN. With @CSykes_Dev and myse… — 1 week 1 day ago
I have just done a little analysis of my blog posts on Oracle Security over the last 14 years. Interesting to see h… weeks 6 days ago weeks 2 days ago weeks 2 days ago
RT @AdrianLane: For fragile legacy apps they may not be able to. So dynamic masking or total app rewrite. Economics usually wins out over ‘… — 4 weeks 2 days ago
@AdrianLane They can @AdrianLane, as these products sit on the network between the users and the database and try a… weeks 2 days ago
Finally hit 23k connections here on Linked in weeks 3 days ago
Someone sent me an email a few days ago to ask me about buying a virtual patching product to help him protect an Or… weeks 3 days ago