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@RicVanDyke What happened to the 10 in "nearly 10 years" ? Must be protective amnesia. — 2 weeks 4 days ago
@RicVanDyke I guess the idea has to be rehashed every few years - it's been nearly years since I published:… weeks 4 days ago
In case you missed it yesterday - Index Organized Tables, an unexpected threat from secondary indexes: weeks 4 days ago
Christmas cake - stage 1: 4lbs dried fruit, 4 tablespoons brandy, leave to soak overnight. Very careful measuring t… weeks 5 days ago
Be careful how you define the columns that make up the primary key of an IOT (index organized table) - the side eff… weeks 5 days ago
Even if you've read my posting last week about the predicting the clustering_factor it's worth revisiting it for th… weeks 5 days ago
I'm beginning to think I ought to post this one at least once per month on the Oracle developer community forum: weeks 5 days ago
If you found my post on match_recognize() interesting, you should read @StewAshton 's post… weeks 6 days ago
@MDWidlake One for you and IOTs: the optimizer has a nice little trick to take advantage of secondary indexes, the… weeks 6 days ago
Here's a nasty little feature of using IOTs (index organized tables, not Internets of things) - an I/O problem repo… weeks 6 days ago