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Practical Oracle 8i p.37 (again) "... ultimately the only significant threat to a database system is physical I/O"… week 2 days ago
Practical Oracle 8i p.37 "... multitier styles of programming, which try to take the complexity of data processing… week 2 days ago
@aejes Though you may have to wait for more rain before you can discover the next leak — 1 week 2 days ago
@ExadataDBA @joelgarry Sounds similar to the case of the optimizer trying to do something clever unnesting scalar s… week 2 days ago
Repairing guttering is like fixing bottlenecks. You stop one leak and this lets the water run on down to the next leaky point! — 1 week 2 days ago
@joelgarry @ExadataDBA In principle analytics should be orthogonal to everything else (get the raw data, add the an… week 3 days ago
@ExadataDBA @joelgarry One thing it tells you is that people haven't been using them much. If they had been used wi… week 3 days ago
Practical Oracle 8i p.29 (on protoyping) "Without spending too much effort, at this stage you should be trying to… week 3 days ago
Practical Oracle 8i p.29 "If you are going to depend on a technological feature of Oracle, you need to make sure t… week 3 days ago
Practical Oracle 8i p 28 "I tend to assume, sometimes pessimistically, that a disc will handle no more than 30 I/O… week 3 days ago