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RT @xandvt: The most important point is that things aren’t back to normal: this virus is very dangerous. It is hard to resist an invitation… — 1 week 18 hours ago
RT @Ri_Science: Martin Rees states that humankind has a 50% chance of surviving until the year 2100. The pace of technological change threa… — 1 week 19 hours ago
RT @MarkKnight63: If Dominic Cummings can be exempt from the lockdown - l can be exempt from its easing...Stay home, Protect the NHS, Save… — 1 week 21 hours ago
30 minutes training the High Hope (rose). Escaped with only minor flesh wounds. Worth it for the scent. week 1 day ago
Lovely project. How many days have you accumulated so far ? week 1 day ago
RT @jt2354: @JLOracle Been doing a daily time lapse of beech in our local forest. There's parts where there are only 200-year-old beech and… — 1 week 1 day ago
For those who missed it earlier on today - final update to the Execution Plan saga: paras 7 - 9 completed: week 1 day ago
@RogerMacNicol I'm still working on the best place to put a Rosemary hdege. Big plus point for Rosemary over Laven… week 1 day ago
Latest score on the Lavender hedge. Of 62 plants, 60 are growing well, one looks a little weak and feeble and one… week 1 day ago
Fringe benefits of the lockdown "walking out once for health". We've discovered a bridle-way near us, so an evening… week 1 day ago