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@davidmkurtz @ChandlerDBA It doesn't even gather them when you add the /*+ gather_optimizer_statistics */ hint to the select. — 4 days 21 hours ago
@davidmkurtz @ChandlerDBA Interesting, and one to watch out for (I really like method_opt in preferences). Maybe… days 21 hours ago
For the USWC and anyone who missed it earlier on today - now with a preventative mechanism now suggested in the com… days 16 hours ago
Looks like I'll be doubling up at the #POUGWorkshop March 27th. Keeping away from the r… days 19 hours ago
Warning - be extremely careful about marking columns unused then dropping them in 18c and 19c: days 20 hours ago
@oraclebase If it's possible to misinterpret someone on twitter it's mandatory to misinterpret them. I'm sure I rea… days 20 min ago
RT @OracleSK: Restriction of DBMS_STATS not supporting extended statistics on virtual columns / group of expression is lifted with Oracle >… — 6 days 31 min ago
@oraclebase But plain English doesn't have hyperlinks, it's just words. (No pictures either.) — 6 days 35 min ago
For those who missed it this morning - another example of collections and table() not quite behaving like real tabl… days 12 hours ago
Just booked my flights for the POUG Workshop 2020: days 15 hours ago