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If a table has more than 255 columns it gets split into pieces, and the code counts row pieces to set the Hakan fac… week 13 hours ago
I've just tested 18.3 to see if an error in the calculaton of the Hakan factor that I described in Practical Oracle… week 13 hours ago
Practical Oracle 8i p.111 "Every nonunique index should be examined and every multi-column unique index should be… week 15 hours ago
Looking for my blog note on Trust, I found this one - which is instructive and ends with a quick quiz (to which I h… week 15 hours ago
You mean this one which is currently outside the trust date limit, but it's a meta-blog so… week 15 hours ago
From Practical Oracle 8i p90 "There is a bit of a problem with getting good results at this stage of the calculati… week 16 hours ago
Just rediscovered this one - the maxim is too good to ignore: week 17 hours ago
@richardfoote @connor_mc_d @Trivadis And there was I wondering whether I'd have time to squeeze a fifth slide into… week 19 hours ago
@PNosko I've written a blog note that expands on the (probable) intent: week 19 hours ago
What do you NOT need to test ? week 21 hours ago