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@connor_mc_d And if you like messing around with rowids, here's another little gem - still broken in 19.3 - that sh… days 12 hours ago
I've just been reminded of this little gem by a tweet from @connor_mc_d Be careful when generating rowids: days 12 hours ago
@AndrewSayer_ Can you post more details to the Oracle forum. — 2 days 14 hours ago
@AndrewSayer_ You would probably have noticed it but any chance of a disappearing Bloom filter ? (Or subquery filter) — 2 days 14 hours ago
@AndrewSayer_ What data type is the partition column ? Any chance it's character type and there's a character set… days 15 hours ago
@FranckPachot Congratulations - you've reached level 10 where everyone assumes that every question you ask is a cat… days 20 hours ago
@martinberx @MDWidlake @TanelPoder @CaryMillsap @JamesMorle @mnorgaard So it took a couple of decades to get the ha… days 22 hours ago
Haven’t got around to flame graphs yet, but the crab apple trees seem to have got the idea in just the last 3 days. days 13 hours ago
@MDWidlake @TanelPoder @CaryMillsap @JamesMorle @mnorgaard A quick list of inspirers - all the usual suspects have… days 20 hours ago
@MDWidlake @TanelPoder @CaryMillsap @JamesMorle @mnorgaard 2/2 "There's this thing called Oracle just starting t… days 20 hours ago