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@antikyte @connor_mc_d @aryavart_ Certainly worth a test in a large dev/UAT system - but given the way Oracle sets… days 20 hours ago
@aryavart_ @connor_mc_d What's the CPU ? Do you mean 10-core with 8 threads per core ? If so, for gathering stats (… days 22 hours ago
@SvenWOracle @LallMarek IIRC OLTP compression appeared in 11.2 (and I may be wrong there), so "no licence needed" i… week 5 min ago
@StewAshton @SvenWOracle @LallMarek Not sure about "this feature requires no option", there's an awful lot of featu… week 7 min ago
@AndrewSayer_ Definitely - along with the other 656 drafts. — 1 week 12 hours ago
@AndrewSayer_ I've just found a draft blog note called "create for exchange 12.2" which consists of nothing more th… week 12 hours ago
@LallMarek 2/2 the problem that a lot of development seems (from my personal experience) to be "use the database as… week 13 hours ago
@LallMarek 1/2 It's fairly hard to avoid being biased by personal experience, but I think 15 years go (maybe 10) "… week 13 hours ago
@LallMarek Maybe - but before you got to 12c there was 9i, 10g, 11g. But the comment about licences is interestin… week 13 hours ago
@AndrewSayer_ I don't think I've tested "create for exchange" to see what it does with the Hakan factor, I can't fi… week 13 hours ago