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I'd forgotten that I'd left this one on auto-post - direct path loads and IOTs. (No, @markrittman that's not Intern… hour 36 min ago
RT @NenadNoveljic: Fast Retrieval of DYNAMIC_SAMPLING_RESULT Information hours 37 min ago
I came across this little gem recently for reasons totally unrelated to hinting - but it's such a good warning abou… hours 56 min ago
@connor_mc_d @MDWidlake So no opportunity to escort them off the plane, then. — 6 hours 10 min ago
Some time this afternoon I'll be adding some notes about count(distinct ) to this question: hours 34 min ago
If you want to take a little break from the tennis or football - there's always a little quiz fo think about: day 2 hours ago
Olympus with a 35-200 used to work well for me, but it's one of those that takes funny little rolls of plastic in t… day 5 hours ago
@joelgarry @tmmdv Nice one, I'm impressed you could get so close. (But it makes me wonder why they are endangered… day 8 hours ago
If you've got nothing better to do - here's a little puzzle you might want to think about: day 19 hours ago
Just registered for #ukoug_tech18 Dec 2nd - 5th. — 2 days 1 hour ago