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RT @oraclebase: OUG Ireland 2019 #oug_ire hours 18 min ago
I was looking for something I'd written about hash joins, and rediscovered this "ANSI" anomaly that's still present… hours 15 min ago
RT @sqldaily: Want your query results in CSV format? Just add the /*csv*/ comment to your #SQL in @OracleSQLDev & run in script mode (F5)… — 22 hours 1 min ago
A golden oldie about troubleshooting, and not checking what happens when you don't think you have a problem. (And a… day 10 hours ago
In case you missed it earlier on today - an odd little overhead in 12.2/18.2 that can be eliminated by disabling a… day 10 hours ago
RT @ChandlerDBA: A short blog post about using the PARALLEL hint... day 13 hours ago
Here's a little fix for a library cache/execution count problen on an upgrade to 12c (or 18.3 in my case): day 17 hours ago
RT @OxUniMaths: If you've been to the @AshmoleanMuseum 'Dimensions' show, hang a left, right, left and visit the @bodleianlibs classy Westo… — 1 day 17 hours ago
A golden oldie - but with an update that says things got worse in the overhead of "set role" in your code: days 17 hours ago
Today's little irritant - dbms_diag.accept_sql_patch (i.e. from an SQL tuning task) includes a FORCE_MATCH option,… days 17 hours ago