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RT @AndrewSayer_: Same goes for using table() operator, and connect by. Doesn’t even need to be critical to the subquery, they will prevent… — 57 min 31 sec ago
@oraclebase @lasjen @larsulv @ChrisAntognini @TanelPoder @TimGormanTech @CaryMillsap There was I thinking it was a… hours 7 min ago
@lasjen @larsulv @ChrisAntognini @TanelPoder @TimGormanTech @CaryMillsap @oraclebase Statutory age-related joke: M… hours 52 min ago
RT @mohammedcognos: ANSI Plans via @JLOracle6 hours 34 min ago
Killer parse times: if you want to do some work investigating side effects of queries that take a long time to pars… hours 24 min ago
Query transformation, and "identical" plans with different plan hash values: hours 15 min ago
@FranckPachot The flaw in that theory is that a password cracker will use character driven brute force. If the sty… day 19 min ago
Just dropped my wife off at LHR Terminal 2 - flying to Iceland with a friend for a few days. It's a long time si… day 2 hours ago
This one appeared when I was searching my blog for a specific example of OR-expansion and lnnvl():… day 19 hours ago
RT @btspendo: For 19c DB in the cloud, did you know you can create 3 PDBs without being licensed for the multi tenant option?… — 1 day 19 hours ago