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RT @martinberx: “Mixing 2 new features is a good way to find bugs.” A simple but true warning. by @JLOracle1 day 1 hour ago
@jt2354 It probably wasn’t clear enough from the tweet, but the first 4 were scammers with the ‘pay up by midnight… day 14 hours ago
Just received the fifth reminder to renew my TV licence this year - but this one might be the real thing, amongst o… day 23 hours ago
Where's the warning in your VBox 6.0.10 article about the poisonous (or is that venomous)… days 17 hours ago
@FranckPachot @richardfoote And next year the plan is to charge people to stay in their own offices and connect to… days 19 hours ago
@richardfoote @pdevisser @FranckPachot Wrong - the expected slide-count for Australian speakers has already been set by @connor_mc_d2 days 22 hours ago
@MDWidlake @oraclebase Already doing that as well. But that's 5 minutes work, then a 2 hour wait, then only 2 minut… days 23 hours ago
@oraclebase One item (already answered) reminds us there are 2 forms for CASE expressions and one of them tests onl… days 23 hours ago
Wish list for paritioning. I want to create a local index on a (date-)range partitioned table that is a B-tree for… days 2 min ago
@oraclebase Now, shall I do the ironing, or shall I have a quick look at the Oracle Developer Community forum to se… days 7 min ago