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RT @AndrewSayer_: Don’t forget, as of 12.2 you can use alter pluggable database pdb1 save state; to ensure your open pdbs are open when you… — 23 hours 59 min ago
@AndrewSayer_ @TanelPoder @danireych Might also explain why one of my "hints with comments" behaved like the "good… day 21 hours ago
RT @richardfoote: So sad the main cast of "Yes Minister" have now all left us and are all no doubt having an extended lunch break in the gr… — 2 days 1 min ago
Looks like this little ( bug may have sneaked up on someone on the ODC today: ORA-… days 16 hours ago
@thatjeffsmith @ChandlerDBA @fritshoogland @MDWidlake @DBArunning 703 sounds a bit unlikely. (or was that a version… days 18 hours ago
@fritshoogland @MDWidlake @thatjeffsmith @DBArunning I don't think 7 got to that - but 8 maybe. That would be incl… days 19 hours ago
Little details new in SQL*Plus 12.2 that are worth a mention: SET LOBPREFETCH {0 | n} SET ROWPREFETCH {1 | n} SET STATEMENTC[ACHE] {0 | n} — 2 days 19 hours ago
@MDWidlake @thatjeffsmith @DBArunning I remember when it only took 15 minutes to scan the entire Admin Guide as wel… days 19 hours ago
"aggregate group by elimination" - introduced in 12.2 with a bug that's not completely fixed even in 19.6: days 20 hours ago
RT @piersmorgan: Fabulous clip. RIP Derek Fowlds - a terrific actor & by all accounts, an incredibly nice man. days 22 hours ago