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@NevianaZhgaba It’s 1am and I’m still deleting them. Trick is to go back to March 2018 and delete the recurring one… days 4 hours ago
Still deleting the events out of my calendar that were added by the zip file of calendar entries that I was warned… days 6 hours ago
@DanielleMorrill @meltanodata @DouweM @drilltodetail Will do! — 3 days 10 hours ago
@DanielleMorrill @meltanodata @DouweM Hi @DanielleMorrill, would you be interested in coming on my podcast… days 12 hours ago
@MDWidlake @rmoff #ferretasaservice week 17 hours ago
RT @internetofshit: it’s lit week 2 days ago
@Nephentur @SimonDarr “Hundreds of years of know-how” for doctors until recent times was mostly leeches, trepanning… week 2 days ago
@dvlamis And on that topic, just recorded an episode of @drilltodetail with Bud Endress on the evolution of OLAP, i… week 3 days ago
RT @kevinjacox: @markrittman @rmoff @ludodba @benotist @speakerdeck Is that a ferret? — 1 week 4 days ago
@SimonDarr Nobody under 40 working on an analytics project today has heard of Ralph Kimball. Makes me feel like som… week 4 days ago