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RT @laurentsch: not a #grep issue ksh -c "/foo";echo $? ksh: /foo: not found 0 — 1 hour 55 min ago
RT @dhoogfr: New blog post about the one-off patches included in the #ODA bundle patches: hours 33 min ago
BACKED UP 1 TIMES -> reclaimable APPLIED ON ALL STANDBY -> reclaimable BACKED UP 1 TIMES APPLIED ON ALL STANDBY ->… hours 57 min ago
@jolliffe @pewu78 @floo_bar Those situations should be less frequent with new release model where CBO patches can b… hours 11 min ago
Want to know how @OracleDatabase Multitenant works before switching to new architecture? Demos at @DOAGeV next mont… hours 15 min ago
@ChrisAntognini Seems that at least OOW has the same duration Sun-Thu but maybe smaller in hotels. hours 41 min ago
@BertrandDrouvot @OracleExadata Bertrand, are you doing Bigdata on Exadata metadata? — 1 day 51 min ago
RT @floo_bar: Quick reminder, before splitting optimizer_adaptive_features in 12.1 : day 1 hour ago
@piontekdd @DBAKevlar Thanks, it is very helpful that you share it because it is so difficult to realize that this… day 1 hour ago
@OracleSK LOL, sound from iPhone is not so good maybe ;) IMO, good music to keep awaken jetlagged people after a cloudy-busy week. — 1 day 3 hours ago