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This is where technological progress is awesome. hours 4 min ago
Awesome schedule (and thanks, this gives me lot of energy to prepare slides and demo — 6 hours 8 min ago
RT @aamir814: Any one aware of ADG limitation in non oracle cloud? We upgraded to 18c and now ADG in AWS running on ec2 instance is not wo… — 11 hours 16 min ago
Any other name for LIO? — 11 hours 47 min ago
@westermanndanie @ludodba sure, and the good thing in open-source is that the discussions are not $$$ motivated :) — 12 hours 9 min ago
@ludodba @CERN @EPFL And in @EPFL hall, you can see Cray that was used at @CERN… hours 53 min ago
Awesome, I just realize that the @oracleace @groundbreakers polls now use @OracleAPEX. Easy to know when already submitted or not — 18 hours 9 min ago
I don't know if it was done on purpose or not but on 14-15 Sept. you have @CERN #CERNOpenDays in Geneva and @EPFL hours 20 min ago
@westermanndanie All that is listed under "Problems with existing Hint systems ". Those are like superstition: peop… hours 17 min ago
@westermanndanie Reasons should be facts. Not myths. Seriously, this article is completely outdated. Ignoring busin… hours 55 min ago