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@jaded61 @PaulineHansonOz Nauru has performed this to the satisfaction of the Australian Government and most indeed… week 5 days ago
Updated my Richard Foote Art web page with a few more pieces. Enjoy !! #RichardFooteArt #CBR #CanberraArt week 6 days ago
My upcoming "Oracle Indexing Internals and Best Practices" webinar scheduled to run between 6-10 November (Aust Tim… week 6 days ago
RT @connor_mc_d: Here it is folks. The OpenWorld MEGA download! Get all of the content from the conference without 7 billion mouse clicks!… — 1 week 6 days ago
@Kelvrik @PaulineHansonOz UN is far from perfect but as a founding member, it’s in Australia’s interest to be activ… week 6 days ago
@PaulineHansonOz That’s the entire point of the UN, for all countries to collectively agree what is right, what is… week 6 days ago
Oh heck, an out of control bush fire just 8km away with warnings for folks to make bush fire evacuation plans. Fun… week 6 days ago
@Amy_Siskind I just don’t understand why Trump dehumanises people of colour in this way, when he’s a person of colour himself. Orange... — 1 week 6 days ago
New blog post coming soon on perceived issues with Oracle First_Rows(N) CBO and use of wrong indexes. Tried so many… week 6 days ago
RT @sqldaily: For queries that acces many partitions, a non-partitioned (global) index can be more efficient than a locally partitioned ind… — 1 week 6 days ago