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@WoodyWoodmansey Just spent the afternoon listening to the wonderful "Bowie at the Beeb" album and man, you're one… hours 14 min ago
For those of you in Asian and European timezones, I have an "Oracle Indexing Internals and Best Practices" webinar… hours 47 min ago
@Juanita_Phillip NZ have a better rugby team than Australia, more impressive mountains than Australia and they most… hours 36 min ago
@TheRickWilson Spell checker can be a bitch at times — 19 hours 45 min ago
@realDonaldTrump @FoxNews Spelling really isn’t a strong point for this self declared genius. Neither is the concep… hours 50 min ago
@MelbsVictory Palace losing to West Ham. Sadly having some of the worst internet speeds in the country makes watchi… day 19 hours ago
If you think only your country have batshit crazy politicians, here’s an entry from Australia — 1 day 20 hours ago
@trustheprocezz @FYPFanzine At this stage, the only one who needs a sack in the coming weeks is Santa... #CPFC — 2 days 15 hours ago
@FYPFanzine He has no forwards, none. Give him a decent forward who can score some goals and see how his management improves... #CPFC — 2 days 16 hours ago
Not sure what’s worse. Having water slowly dripping on your head whilst having your fingers nails pulled out or ha… days 17 hours ago