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RT @BrianGoetz: NQOH: All happy families are alike. All YAML-based tools are miserable in their own unique way. — 4 days 18 hours ago
@POUG_ORG I do remember POUG2017. Best beverages, great location, awesome atmosphere. POUG2019 was the best overall… week 1 day ago
@jeffreykemp @ExadataDBA @connor_mc_d Certainly less than 42! — 1 week 3 days ago
RT @foofighters: In Defense of Our Teachers - Dave week 4 days ago
@yabi6 @myoraclesupport @Oracle . I disagree with "the wors in UX". Oracle's documentation is of a good quality & i… week 6 days ago
. @myoraclesupport web site is worse than an undergrad project. If you open patch download page for 2 patches seque… week 6 days ago
@JLOracle @FranckPachot @kylelf_ It’s called data science now: weeks 3 days ago
@kylelf_ @JLOracle At least 20 years weeks 4 days ago
Interesting Chrome feature to highlight text on the page: weeks 11 hours ago
@JLOracle @FranckPachot @OracleDatabase 3rd conclusion doesn’t work in real life. So many things become unpredictab… weeks 12 hours ago