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I was telling someone about this today- realize the downtown, left empty by covid, has a large homeless population… days 17 hours ago
Try and stop me!! :) days 18 hours ago
Esme would like to let everyone know she’s had out with my crazy workload this days 22 hours ago
Watch Japan's giant Gundam robot walk and kneel #WheresGodzilla — 3 days 1 hour ago
Retro DBAKevlar! Dealing with Bind Variable Peeking days 1 hour ago
Retro DBAKevlar! RMOUG 2010 days 1 hour ago
Best US cities to live in the after the coronavirus - Business Insider #worstListEver days 3 hours ago
Without even trying, just sticking to eating when I'm hungry and eating what I want vs. having set meal times, I've… days 4 hours ago
Old tech dudes who feel they need to make things overly complex and try to educate everyone around them: this is wh… days 5 hours ago
Your Bagel Fortune Cookie #Infographic days 7 hours ago