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Go from installation to system admin with this Linux training bundle / Boing Boing hours 4 min ago
RT @comunevenezia: — 12 hours 13 min ago
@FerventGeek 1. Thank you. 2. I plead the fifth. — 15 hours 41 min ago
@JEBacaniSQLDude Not. Even. Close. — 15 hours 44 min ago
And then the sweetie-baby hours 41 min ago
My dog, the mad dog toy killer. hours 47 min ago
I'll be speaking on Thursday at the AWESOME #EdTech @CETPA 2019 conference. Going to get my #PowerBI on for education! — 17 hours 33 min ago
RT @madelyndewinter: As #ImpeachmentHearings begin, remember the words of Theodore Roosevelt, “Patriotism means to stand by the country. I… — 17 hours 51 min ago
If you whisper "Oracle" at Microsoft, I hear I get a new customer, a venti coffee and another headache. hours 54 min ago
@rimblas @sspendol @orcl_dpeake @CameronLackpour Aww, forgot the picture...worked on too much today...:) hours 10 min ago