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@gurcan_orhan Yeah, yeah...just like ocean, cyan, azure, indigo, Viridian, sapphire, cornflower, sky and royal are all the same color....:) — 32 min 49 sec ago
As machine learning evolves, we need to update the definition of ‘data scientist’ hours 26 min ago
@dbaOnTap @Copyright101 My job here is done. — 8 hours 1 min ago
@Copyright101 I should have answered, “Just on the plane.” CC: @dbaOnTap9 hours 59 min ago
@Copyright101 Nah, Doc shoes and Freebirds... :) Just back in combat boots...ahhh.... :) — 9 hours 59 min ago
Where everybody knows your name... hours 3 min ago
@hackdba @MadPiet @AMtwo And the thing you don’t have at ALL in Denver... :) — 15 hours 7 min ago
RT @arjunbahree: The latest The Azure Daily! Thanks to @MCKLMT @DBAKevlar @AzureCosmosDB #azure #cloud — 16 hours 15 min ago
@MadPiet @AMtwo I came from Dallas. What humidity? :) — 16 hours 26 min ago
@IrishSQL @TracyBoggiano @ceedubvee @BrentO Not even going to respond to that. — 17 hours 45 min ago