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Esme and Davinci playing in the dog park... hours 36 min ago
@SQLEspresso Its just created out of letters from license plates and is hanging on the wall of the coffee shop here… hours 20 min ago
For ⁦@SQLEspresso⁩...:) hours 14 min ago
This is the thing of nightmares. hours 14 min ago
Good morning from the Green River Coffee Co. hours 47 min ago
Color Names Supported in Power BI Conditional Formatting: hours 20 min ago
@landrews5807 With my missing left side visual field? having this type of app flexibility is a blessing...:) — 13 hours 40 min ago
Moder Data Warehouse Design Part I: hours 21 min ago
Putting object explorer o the right side rather than left: hours 21 min ago
Good bye Colorado. day 4 hours ago