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Visualization of the world's richest people has a surprise ending / Boing Boing hour 25 min ago
#lol Poll finds women are nicer to their smart speakers than men — Future Blink hours 29 min ago
@Copyright101 @TimGormanTech Thank you @amazon for saving Christmas. — 3 hours 45 min ago
@Copyright101 @TimGormanTech No opening until Christmas! — 3 hours 58 min ago
New DBAKevlar: Securing Data in #PowerBI - an Interactive Diagram- hours 59 min ago
@Latina_dba I fast on a regular basis... My autoimmune isn't out of control right now, just celiac that wasn't caught before. — 10 hours 59 min ago
Four tubes of hand intervention may be required...:) hours 44 min ago
Yay! Two malicious Python libraries removed from PyPI hours 26 min ago
@SQLKohai I've been told that I should test out coffee again, that it may not have been the coffee giving me headac… hours 26 min ago
It was time to get out and get some serious work hammered out. Yeah, excel is still handy in sizing out migrations… hours 47 min ago