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@FerventGeek Farther EAST. Are you near here? — 10 min 29 sec ago
@FerventGeek For 1 1/2 more weeks....then farther easy set travel....:) — 11 min 7 sec ago
Back home to Galveston...even made it in time to pick up the dogs from the doggie hotel. min 22 sec ago
@SamHetchler @dbaOnTap @rene_ace It's unique per carrier for what rows, but my last seven flights, no one next to m… min 14 sec ago
@SamHetchler @rene_ace @dbaOnTap Lil — 31 min 26 sec ago
.⁦@rene_ace⁩ and ⁦@dbaOnTap⁩ yeah. Yeah, yeah..... hours 54 min ago
Wanted to tell @TimGormanTech "Miss you" in text message, but auto correct wanted to send "Miss Roy". I think my ph… hours 15 min ago
RT @sai_penumuru: The latest The Oracle Cloud Daily! Thanks to @janackerman @DavidsonMorris @DBAKevlar #oracle #clo… — 7 hours 19 min ago
@BroVic You’ll catch up....just take on little things every day and it will add up... I promise! — 9 hours 51 sec ago
Almost time to go home....:) hours 30 min ago