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@amitzil @oraclebase @pfierens There are certain consulting architects who almost naturally come with oracle deals… hours 32 min ago
@oraclebase @pfierens I think so to. And I totally agree that if you can make your life easier by functionality in… hours 6 min ago
@oraclebase @pfierens The general rule to create something that generally done best is to stay on the threaded path… hours 12 min ago
@oraclebase @pfierens Of course. If you are having problems and you can get it solved by new native functionality,… hours 20 min ago
@pfierens @oraclebase So clients want new versions? I thought it was stability and things just working... ;-) — 15 hours 25 min ago
the reason for the earlier bitand tweet: if you want to see the location for a mutex using the p3 value of the even… hours 41 min ago
If you are doing Oracle and internals, bitwise operations are one of the things you have to do. Pretty cool… hours 45 min ago
Don't mix up Mutexes and Atomic operation logs, or you'll be staring yourself blind. — 1 day 15 hours ago
@kosamari Just name the sessions ‘classes’... — 2 days 13 hours ago
@flashdba Maybe we’re all a piece of code programmed to have a mind.... — 2 days 13 hours ago