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@UKOUG @dbasolved @oraesque @evrocs_nl @Oracle Thank you! No problem, it's just different than expected. Happy holidays! — 15 hours 32 min ago
RT @FranckPachot: @kylelf_ Yes. And it can read from @BertrandDrouvot pgSentinel extension hours 18 min ago
@GebalJacek @johnnyq72 @PostgreSQL @postgresql_007 @andrewlacy2 Remove database! remove database! it's a trap to ha… day 5 hours ago
@oraesque @evrocs_nl @UKOUG @Oracle I entered some abstracts. Same here, nothing back in email form, nor option to see the abstracts. — 1 day 5 hours ago
@DBAKevlar @kylelf_ @SQLRockstar @Microsoft @SentryOne @redgate @Idera_Software @solarwinds That’s what I say in different words — 1 day 8 hours ago
@kylelf_ @SQLRockstar @DBAKevlar @Microsoft @SentryOne @redgate @Idera_Software @solarwinds I read ‘there is none’ in between the lines? — 1 day 8 hours ago
@RicVanDyke @kevinclosson That's cursor concurrency. Look if there's a patch for your version for it, there have be… days 4 hours ago
@RicVanDyke @kevinclosson Only CPU, no waits? Is it stuck on a plan line? perf say anything? — 2 days 5 hours ago
@johnnyq72 @PostgreSQL @postgresql_007 @andrewlacy2 We don't use logic because that would mean doing smart things.… days 5 hours ago
@FranckPachot I been to collaborate in Sin City a couple of yours ago (in the venetian). I was worried when I heard… days 14 hours ago