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@pdevisser @fdernoncourt I am famous for my Haitian Creole accent... — 9 hours 56 min ago
@ora600pl @pdevisser If all of your containers are pets, then they in reality are cattle, disguised as pets. — 10 hours 39 min ago
@fdernoncourt select ksqsttyp, ksqstreq, ksqstwat, ksqstrsn from x$ksqst where upper(ksqsttyp) like '%JG%’; Nothin… hours 44 min ago
@OracleAmateur Lxc is used underneath docker. I am asking about direct lxc use. — 23 hours 7 min ago
@OracleSK @TanelPoder @FranckPachot Ehhh... gdb /x ??? — 23 hours 8 min ago
Anyone who’s doing something professionally with the Oracle database, come to SWEOUG, OUGN or OUGF for the Nordic ACE tour next week! — 1 day 40 min ago
Is anyone running production on oracle on linux using bare lxc? — 1 day 3 hours ago
Funny, call me late to the game, but just found out the outkast ‘s ‘hey ya’ is in an 11/4 time signature. — 1 day 13 hours ago
@mdinh235 I would say wait at least a month before engaging a patch to get it through the DTAP layers. Sometimes pa… day 14 hours ago
Beautiful! days 44 min ago