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does anyone know what the naming for the c functions in the oracle executable starting with ipcor is? probably star… days 18 hours ago
@karlarao If you hoover over the Menu icon on the left upper side, you get a menu where there's database. But the p… days 16 hours ago
I agree. The change is probably not beneficial to the majority of the users. I wonder who's idea this is and what t… days 17 hours ago
@dw_pete Isn't blue sky when there is no clouds? — 5 days 18 hours ago
@sborden76 @kevinclosson Not sure if it applies to your case, but I found that products specifically created for a… days 19 hours ago
@kevinclosson @sborden76 So essentially a, let’s say, for the sake of colouring the conversation, a big, blue, cat? — 1 week 4 hours ago
@sborden76 I have never seen it, but that doesn’t say much... — 1 week 4 hours ago
@AbuzarKamal @TanelPoder @FranckPachot AFAIK, but not tested: you can flush a cursor, but the cursor will remain op… week 19 hours ago
@evrocs_nl @dani_schnider @Airport_FRA That’s simple hexadecimal counting, it means 10 in decimal... — 1 week 1 day ago
@martinberx @evrocs_nl That’s ‘checkbox security’. I never; NEVER met an IT security person that explained the nece… week 4 days ago