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@DBArunning @DatabaseSponge I disagree with that. Of course the press are significant, but so was the frankly ludic… hours 16 min ago
Looks like a very good night for the opinion polls in terms of vote share. I don't think @YouGov MRP poll will be t… hours 21 min ago
@afneil to Francois. Have you gone mad is just wonderful — 12 hours 38 min ago
@JJGass Ian had pictures! — 14 hours 8 min ago
@PeliLady1000 You will have to like 'hard' SF (and detective noir in Season 1), but it is brilliant if you do.… hours 15 min ago
Just remembered. If it all goes tits up tonight, at least Season 4 of the Expanse starts tomorrow. #reasonstobecheerful — 16 hours 16 min ago
@ochnevermind @davidallengreen David's point is a fine one, but surely by now everyone knows that in our country vo… hours 19 min ago
@thatjeffsmith Sorry to hear that Jeff. — 16 hours 25 min ago
@Tic_Doc1 @kevinpbreslin If it happens it'll lead the Today programme at 6 anyway.. — 16 hours 27 min ago
@Tic_Doc1 @kevinpbreslin about half 4. — 16 hours 29 min ago