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Spectacular tool @BertrandDrouvot is developing to extract full page images from @PostgreSQL WAL files. (Similar to… hour 24 min ago
RT @richenzi: Just found out about this null-aware comparison in #PostgreSQL. Life is a little bit easier now. days 5 hours ago
BTW, I've never made such a significant donation anywhere before. But I've never once heard @QuinnyPig specifically… days 4 hours ago
@QuinnyPig @awscloud So, I can't decide if the comment about the maintenance window is part of the RDS snark. I'm… days 5 hours ago
RT @QuinnyPig: Wow. $10K for @awscloud's RDS Postgres. I'd have gotten to this sooner but my computer was thrown into maintenance during t… — 3 days 5 hours ago
RT @QuinnyPig: All right; let me use my superpower for good: For every charitable donation to benefit racial justice, I will dispense an U… — 3 days 6 hours ago
Can @QuinnyPig roast something as specific as Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL? $10,000 to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund… days 6 hours ago
understanding how cost-based optimizers work can be difficult. if you haven't seen plan diagrams before, this is a… weeks 6 days ago
classic indeed - i like this article from @BrentO for people who do presentations weeks 1 day ago
@fujii_masao @amitlan BTW we've seen this before too - also the table involved for us had a lot of partitions weeks 1 day ago