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This is a really interesting read. And I wonder the same thing about the impact on database workloads. days 23 hours ago
RT @GeraldVenzl: Going forward #Oracle #Database will be a lot easier to setup on #Linux. 2 commands to an up and running database! #awesom… — 4 days 9 hours ago
@NicolasSitbon Did you see week 24 min ago
@connor_mc_d @JLOracle +1 ...this is likely why my grandparents made bread by the oven-full rather than by the loaf — 1 week 9 hours ago
s/#noSQL/#SQLftw/g #elasticsearch — 1 week 9 hours ago
RT @FranckPachot: There are lot of questions in Oracle User Groups about being open to Open Source alternatives. Some try, and the answer i… — 1 week 1 day ago
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@planetpostgres @craigkerstiens This is awesome, because there need to be more blog posts about memory and PostgreS… week 2 days ago
RT @powersplay: @DockerCon @irabinovitch Top 5 technologies on Docker according to DataDog are 1. Nginx 2. Redis 3. Postgres 4. Fluentd 5.… — 1 week 2 days ago