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@stenvesterli @fuzziebrain Food stalls no, but there are no cheap groceries in Singapore. — 20 hours 27 min ago
@stenvesterli Well I apparently live in the most expensive one. Pretty sure that is true if I look at my budget for all my basic needs ... — 22 hours 30 min ago
New #plsql #codemonth entry. How to use the core functionality of RANDOM_NINJA: day 18 hours ago
New #codemonth #plsql video. This time demonstrating the core functionality of RANDOM_NINJA (warning 10 minutes): days 20 hours ago
@orcldoug Too much even without hangover. Did find what I needed though. Queuing to go down the escalator.... — 3 days 22 hours ago
@orcldoug Cool. Will go later today. Looking for a good keyboard and mouse for my new computer. — 4 days 3 hours ago
@orcldoug Is that Marina Bay? — 4 days 4 hours ago
@kevinclosson Hendricks is amazing. — 4 days 6 hours ago
New #plsql #codemonth entry. This time I demo how you install the random_ninja package: days 19 hours ago
@nlitchfield @mdinh235 I have the feeling that support has been culturally broken for a while now. As an Oracle cus… week 8 hours ago