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As if worrying about robots taking over our jobs wasn’t enough ... weeks 2 days ago
@gwenshap Tell the author of this memorable quote should also know that there is an even better language ... It’s called PowerPoint. — 4 weeks 6 days ago
@dengel_andrea @OracleSK @DB_Bahn For an ICE train full of passengers, it’s more like flushing the buffer cache. — 5 weeks 6 hours ago
@OracleSK And I bet it was highly secure as well. No theft, no incursions and no account masqueradings! Impressive. — 5 weeks 4 days ago
I’ve never heard of the best performing S&P 1500 of the decade! Netflix is the second best-performing S weeks 4 days ago
@JimTheWhyGuy @oracleace @groundbreakers Should be an awesome conference with the stellar speaker lineup. — 5 weeks 5 days ago
@RogerMacNicol What about blue light blockers for those who wear glasses? I have heard mixed claims on the blue lig… weeks 6 days ago
Penned my thoughts on whether it's impossible to be passionate (and be good enough to present at conferences) at mu… weeks 6 days ago
@MikeLaMagna Thank you, Mike. That's very kind of you. — 5 weeks 6 days ago
@Limmattal I don't consider enough of an expert in those new areas I am working on to write papers or present. At least not yet. — 5 weeks 6 days ago