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@MihajloTekic @ToonKoppelaars Nods. I started with the user viscious, er, friendly interface, ufi, which we aliased… weeks 1 day ago
@TanelPoder @z0ne51 @CaryMillsap Intuition is more important in asking the user base the right questions to figure… weeks 1 day ago
@GolicAndWingo #AstrosCheated @notthefakeSVP will there be a class action lawsuit by the bettors and bookmakers? Is… weeks 6 days ago
@JLOracle I wonder whether an EU passport would be valid - or did all y'all keep the document with the Queen on it anyway? — 25 weeks 2 days ago
@gwenshap I believe the number you are searching for is 42 million. And it's worse: different sets having what sho… weeks 2 days ago
@ToonKoppelaars I suspect you will need a 386 with extended memory. Notice the original packing slip. If you slic… weeks 2 days ago
@fritshoogland @PostgreSQL Balanced Optimization of Resources in Natural Groups (BORING) is the general method. No… weeks 4 days ago
@JBeresniewicz Yesterday's activity caused communications pathway repair to a rarely used chunk of your brain. This… weeks 4 days ago
@dhoogfr @thatjeffsmith "Helsinki" and other explanatory pieces about thinking clearly should be the first week of… weeks 8 hours ago
@JimTheWhyGuy @nlitchfield @realDonaldTrump Where in the world did a 7 y/o hear some of those nasty word? Oh, wait,… weeks 8 hours ago