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@DonkeyTronKilla Definitely! I encountered all those while writing the second edition :) I thought I'd be done with… week 3 days ago
I just discovered that `bin/ --bootstrap-server localhost:9092 --create --topic t1` works! and creat… week 3 days ago
Apache Kafka 2.6.0 release is being voted on now. While my tests are running, I went over the changelog (… week 3 days ago
I totally under-estimated how much the consumer changed since my book was released... KIP-266 (API timeout) was a m… week 3 days ago
@ronald29x I have a mac. I ran `git` and it asked me to download and install developer tools. This may help: — 1 week 3 days ago
My favorite hair salon closed for good. Not surprising, how long can one pay Palo Alto rent without any income? But… week 4 days ago
While it isn't just me, I'm definitely on the highly distractable side of the normal distribution. week 4 days ago
RT @AJCGlobal: Chuine Sugihara, a Japanese diplomat, saved thousands of Jewish lives during the Holocaust by providing visas to those feeli… — 1 week 4 days ago
I copied this amazing line and insight from my friend @benstopford. Who has a great talent for distilling ideas. week 4 days ago
@michael_at_work I hope this wasn't the experience for anyone on my team. And I really really hope they would have… week 5 days ago