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@foxish_ Yes! Back then, it couldn't :) — 1 week 4 days ago
@cgillum @pablocastilla @matt_howlett @cmeik Depending on what you call acceptable latency and what are you willin… week 4 days ago
Sounds familiar. My never-fail writing process is: Get on a 14h flight, don't get wifi, spend ~8h writing. Land. Sl… week 5 days ago
@sweetweet213 I'm not familiar with our Go client... maybe @matt_howlett ? @edenhillm ? @Ryan_surname_p ? — 1 week 5 days ago
@thomasvengal I think I remember that! It was with @JabariNorton IIRC? — 1 week 5 days ago
In the words of the great SRE, Beyonce: "If you like it, you shoulda put a monitor on it" — 1 week 5 days ago
RT @texasmichelle: This is my world. This is what it feels like to be a female engineer. Not just one day, but every day. Be kind to us as… — 1 week 5 days ago
Digging through old emails, I found one of the best ever @apachekafka threads: Indentation,… week 5 days ago
@Mr_mitchellh @matt_howlett But next-gen API gateways like @getambassadorio and @soloio_inc may fit. — 1 week 5 days ago
@Mr_mitchellh @matt_howlett is gRPC new and exciting? We use it in prod, so I think of it as "nice and stable" now :) — 1 week 5 days ago