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@MDWidlake We were in the process of retiring those when I joined the DBA team, so I only got to interact with it once. — 23 hours 33 min ago
@MDWidlake ah, I absolutely totally agree with this one. Years of my life I'll never get back. — 23 hours 39 min ago
@rasputnik it is, but it just barely fit as an adjective to describe a system. "Operable database" doesn't sound as… hours 43 min ago
@theBrc007 @_Darragh_ @johncutlefish I kinda love it :) — 23 hours 46 min ago
@_Darragh_ @johncutlefish A system with scalability is called scalable. So a system with operability will be called… hours 46 min ago
@MDWidlake it goes way beyond "real-time instrumentation". For example, in Oracle 10g - the instrumentation is dec… hours 47 min ago
@johncutlefish "usable" is pretty generic. I am thinking "usable for a very specific set of users". — 23 hours 49 min ago
I'm looking for a term for "operator friendly" systems. Things like: Observability, operator APIs, integration wit… hours 57 min ago
@gunnarmorling Yeah, maybe starting with the simpler case is enough. Although I'd like to see a deeper discussion o… day 1 hour ago
@gunnarmorling Yeah, the benefits are awesome. But Kafka needs more than single-message transaction and single-partition locks. — 1 day 1 hour ago