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@JBeresniewicz Thank you! — 15 hours 51 min ago
@jhscott @dbsmasher Possibly. I have a suspicion that like many "big data" cases - people imagine relationships and… hours 52 min ago
@adichad This is fantastic, thank you! — 15 hours 55 min ago
@xcbsmith Thats the impression I got. Thank you! — 15 hours 55 min ago
@tovbinm Ah, this is really really cool! And the language is kinda standard too - I've seen it used in Azure. Feels much less locked in. — 16 hours 34 min ago
@dbsmasher I learned first year in the university - if I don't get something, about 50 other students don't get it either. — 16 hours 35 min ago
@tovbinm 100% agree. Shortest path is basically what I had in mind when I started exploring. Thats why I'm a bit su… hours 35 min ago
@HeliFromFinland Would love it if you can point at an example. Maybe a blog post? — 16 hours 37 min ago
@JamshidiBabak Changes seem to be as painful as they are in RDBMS though and possibly more - changing any tag that… hours 37 min ago
@_msw_ Yes! Is Docker like a CD? :) But I think ASF takes a very conservative approach there. — 16 hours 42 min ago