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@danielwithmusic @QuinnyPig I love everything about that keyboard except the name. — 11 hours 1 min ago
She found the problem. It's that thread over there. hours 13 min ago
@jhscott @sacdroid @el_bhs @gunnarmorling @QConSF I think @caseyrosenthal had nifty ideas. — 11 hours 31 min ago
@sacdroid @el_bhs @jhscott @gunnarmorling @QConSF Since there are tracing standards, I think it will be possible to… hours 32 min ago
@el_bhs @jhscott @gunnarmorling @QConSF Note that Kafka doesn't have to run as multi-tenant. I suspect most compani… hours 56 min ago
@jhscott @gunnarmorling @el_bhs @QConSF In the sense that all software is complex, then yes - there are no shallow… hours 52 min ago
@jhscott @gunnarmorling @el_bhs @QConSF Confluent's REST Proxy and Schema Registry come to mind. Easy to understand… hours 17 min ago
@gunnarmorling @el_bhs @QConSF We do deploy on Friday, but "the only one who can debug this" is painfully familiar… hours 27 min ago
RT @michellebrush: Interesting perspective from @el_bhs about how the industry took Observability from control theory but overlooked Contro… — 16 hours 55 min ago
@kevinclosson QCon and Strangeloop come to mind as conferences that will appreciate this content. — 17 hours 1 min ago