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SLOB script

This is a very simple script to extract some helpful information from the awr reports generated from a SLOB run.
First, rename it to and chmod it for execute permission:
$ mv awr_info.sh_.txt
$ md5
MD5 ( = 48c39d920a2c128899cff74901ceae1b

$ chmod +x
By convention you should rename awr.txt after a run of It is best to rename to some arbitrary name that makes sense to you but have 2 dot-seperated suffixes to track the number of writer and reader sessions. For example:
$ sh ./ 0 32
$ mv awr.txt awr.txt.0.32
$ sh ./ awr.txt.0.32
awr.txt.0.32|0 | 32|100817.2|7.6|3773.1|   289|     0|     0|db file sequential read 38,463,069 11,113 0 95.4 User I/O|


awr_info.sh_.txt1.23 KB

Yes that's right. This script

Yes that's right. This script can be use for this purpose. I used it, it really helps and execute the program without any difficulty.
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