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Where in the World is Goth Geek Girl, Week #38

As we come upon Oracle Open World at the end of the month, I’m busy with a number of events and tasks.

I spoke at the Microservices, Containers and DevOps Summit in Denver yesterday and will be traveling to San Diego, California to speak at SQL Saturday #661 this weekend.  I love the Microsoft events, but not sure my family loves the loss of my weekend time with them half as much.

At the end of the month, Delphix will be publishing my DevOps book based off my series of blog posts and webinars on DevOps and the DBA.  It will be available via eBook on Delphix’s website and a hardcopy will be available at a few events in the coming year, including at Oak Table World 2017 at Oracle Open World.  If you do have the opportunity to read the book, I would love some feedback for the upcoming second edition where I really want to get more into specifics of how to do DevOps with database development.  Most focus on application tier and most DevOps environments scope across app, database and OS tiers.

I’m also looking forward to Oracle Open World this year.  I’m finished with my Microsoft Pass Summit slides and presentation, but still working on the ones for Oracle Open World!  You’d think with Summit a month out after OOW, it would be the other way around, but this just isn’t how its played out.  This year at OOW, I’m presenting on Super Sunday with Mike Donovan from DBVisit.  We’re going to be virtualizing and replicating to the cloud with our demo, so it’s been a lot of fun creating the demo environment.  Our story is intact, its just getting the time and the common timezone to get everything together, (Mike is in New Zealand…:))

I’ll also be presenting at the Oracle Women in Tech event on Sunday.  Thanks to Laura Ramsey who’s ensured this has taken more precedence at Oracle and last year, we had a great panel session in the midst of the chaos!  Laura’s the bomb and made sure the importance of inclusion of women in the Oracle technical industry is shared with the community at large.

On Monday and Tuesday, I’ll spend most of my time at Oak Table World, which for many of you know, is the event we Oakies put on next door to the big event, showcasing the sessions that may not be of interest to Oracle, but is of interest to us geeks.  We’ll be at the Children’s Creativity Museum next to the Carousel and Jeremiah Wilton has done an awesome job organizing this year’s event.  As I did last years, I know how much work it is and I don’t envy him, so if you see him, make sure to give him a pat on the back! 300w, 768w, 1330w" sizes="(max-width: 600px) 100vw, 600px" data-recalc-dims="1" />

As always, there are a ton of events, parties and get togethers at Oracle Open World.  It is the largest annual Oracle event in the world.  I look forward to seeing many friends and if you are one of those that won’t be able to make it this year, know that you will be missed…:(


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