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Where in the World is DBA Goth Girl- Sept 11-23

Tim and I just arrived back in Colorado yesterday and just arrived-  as in Grand Junction, Colorado on the western border of Utah.  Hauling a 42Ft. 5th wheel means that you make some considerations on how far you can go and how far you want to go.

It’s going to be a busy couple of weeks and this is what’s in the plans:

Microsoft Education Data Summit

I’ll be flying to Las Vegas tomorrow morning to attend and train in Las Vegas with the rest of my technical peers in the education sector of Microsoft.  I look forward to these events, as it’s a rare time that I get to see my colleagues as a remote employee and the training is top notch.

Friday I fly back, landing into Denver to prepare for SQL Saturday Denver.  I’m still the president for the Denver SQL Server user group and hope to contribute more this next year.  A user group requires the mind, heart and help of it’s board, so I’ll be presenting, volunteering and doing my part at the annual event on Sept. 15th and look forward to seeing everyone!

I’ll be staying in town for the next week to spend some time with those of our children that still reside in the Denver area and come Thursday, I’ll fly back out to Atlanta for SQL Saturday Atlanta- BI Edition.  I’m going to be presenting my VERY FIRST Power BI talk at the event.  I’ve focused what little brain power I have left on optimizing all the tiers touching Power BI and how to identify, trouble shoot and address waits in analytics.  We’re going to find out if everything else I have going has rotted my brain or if I’m starting to find my niche.  Wish me luck.

Sunday, the 23rd, I’ll fly back into Denver and Tim will pick me up and we’ll head out of town, back towards the Northwest.  We’ll be heading towards Salt Lake, then Boise, out to Bend, Oregon and then south as Winter approaches.

Winter is coming, peeps.


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