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One of my maxims for Oracle performance is: “Don’t try to be too clever”. Apart from the obvious reason that no-one else may be able to understand how to modify your code if the requirements change at a future date, there’s always the possibility that an Oracle upgrade will mean some clever trick you implemented will simply stop working.

While searching for information about a possible Oracle bug recently I noticed the following fix control (v$system_fix_control) in

     BUGNO OPTIMIZE SQL_FEATURE                        DESCRIPTION                                                             VALUE
---------- -------- ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------- ------------
  18385778          QKSFM_CARDINALITY_18385778         avoid virtual col usage if FI is unusable or invisible 

Maybe that’s just invalidated an idea I published 12 years ago.

I haven’t researched the bug or any underlying SR, but I can think of valid argument both for and against the fix as described.