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My tasks for today

  1. Make sure everyone knows about the Unconference – you’ve got Monday and Tuesday to sign up for a time-slot of 20 or 40 minutes. The event itself is on Wednesday, on the left-hand wing of the balcony in the Exhibition hall. Seating for 30, with a projector, A0 flipchart, and loudspeaker system available. The sign-up sheet / Agenda is up against the wall in the registration area, to the far left – just past the hideous pink pillar. I’ll keep an update of speakers and topics on the blog whenever I can, and you can always tweet your own entry on the #ukoug2012 tag.
  2. Spend some time on the UKOUG Council stand (just to the right of the right-hand door of the Exhition hall) – I’ve signed up for the time-slot that overlaps the exhibition reception drinks (18:30 – 19:30) but I’ll be there by about 18:00

Presentations etc. to go to

  • 11:50, Hall 5: Creating test cases (presenting)
  • 12:45, Hall 9: The Importance of being well connected – by Graham Wood (chairing)
  • 13:55, Exhibition Hall balcony: Oak Talks – but only if it doesn’t deprive someone else of a seat
  • 14:30, Hall 1: Is RAT worth catching ? – by Julian Dyke (because I want to hear it)
  • 15:40, Hall 9: Masterclass: B-Tree indexes (presenting – for 2 hours, but I’ll create a short break in the middle)
  • 19:30, Hall 4: SIG Focus Pubs (because I’ll need a drink, and a chance to catch up with some of the SIG folks).

Update 21:15

The SIG Focus Pub event was definitely worth visiting as I was awarded the UKOUG 2012 Inspiring Presentation Award in the category “UK Speaker – Technology”. Those who’ve heard me speak may find it hard to believe, but I rarely get to the end of a presentation feeling that I’ve done a good job – so it’s very nice to receive the vote of confidence that an award like this represents. So many thanks to all those who rated me so highly in last year’s evaluations.

Update Tuesday 19:45

We’re up to 9 slots booked of the 15 available on the Unconference Agenda:

  • 9:20 – Tony Hasler on Analyzing Block Corruptions
  • 10:00 – Nathan Catlow/Tim Austwickl (RECX) on ApEx Real-world Security Issues (by example)
  • 10:20 – Nathan Catlow/Tim Austwickl (RECX) on ApEx Security – Bring your own code
  • 11:00 – Paul Vallee (Pythian) on Human reliability and DBAs
  • 11:20 – Kuassi Mensah (Oracle) on In Database Map Reduce for DBAs and Developers (double session)
  • 12:00 – Arjen Visser (Dbvisit) on 3 principles of Oracle redo log mining technology
  • 12:40 – Chris Slattery (V1) on OEL6 – Oracle-validate rpm
  • 14:00 – Alex Gorbachev (Pythian) on Privileged Access Surveillance Demo

There’s still time to pick a slot - right up until 14:40 tomorrow – but I’ll be taking the agenda up to the balcony when I get in at 9:00 a.m tomorrow.