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A Tip for Upgrading to Enterprise Manager 13c

I’m thrilled to see the outpouring of support for EM13c already out with it just being announced on Friday!  As technologists all over the world jump in and start installing the newest and greatest version of Enterprise Manager, there is a second group already working on the task of upgrading their existing EM12c environments, (seen a few already, including one from Gokhan!)

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Along with other requirements, like setting optimizer_adaptive_features set to false, there is pre-requisite that I’d like to recommend that everyone perform on any EM12c environment before endeavoring on an upgrade-  do a health check with EM Diagnostics.

Enterprise Manager 12c has been out for four years now.  Although few have had them in production as long as I or a handful of other folks, these environments rarely receive the attention that we give our other production databases and applications.  Due to this, spend a little time ensuring that your environment is ready to upgrade before embarking on the upgrade itself, saving the scramble of work that would be required in the midst of an upgrade and/or a failed upgrade if something was missed.

To perform this, first download and install the latest EM Diagnostic kit using the Oracle Master Note 421053.1.

After installation, simple run a full collection on the environment by running the following command and you will do this from the command line:

$ repvfy diag all

The following diagnostic data will be collected:

  • A “Just the Facts” sweep to tell you if and what problems exist.
  • System reports, including environment, performance and space report
  • More specific sub-system health_report, (crucial as the upgrade will be touching all of this.)
    • loader_health
    • ping_health
    • job_health
  • Performance oriented reports, (what is the current state of the EM health)
    • advisors – awr info
    • user dump
    • backlog report

If you’d like to know more about how to use the EM Diagnostics kit, there’s a great support document, (I’ve named it Werner DeGruyter’s third favorite hobby. You’ll have to ask him about his first two favorites.. :)) 1374945.1.

With that, keep having a great time with the new release and Merry Christmas and Happy Em’ing!



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