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So long …

… and thanks for any Douglas Adams references.

I decided on Friday that after more than 31 years using the Oracle software and more than 37 years of being self-employed in the computer industry – not to mention a further 8 years being an enthusiastic amateur – the time had finally come for a change of pace.  As from 1st June 2019 I am retired.

I have a couple of long term commitments that I’ll still be doing a little work for over the next few months, and I wouldn’t be surprised if someone occasionally tempts me into doing a few days solving interesting problems.  I’ll still be answering questions on the Oracle Developer Community forum and (if the email gets through) on the Oracle-L listserver , and I’ll still be writing blog notes about Oracle and submitting abstracts to conferences for a few years. Who knows, I may even get round to writing another book – after all, I’ve already downloaded Oracle 19 so I’ll still be experimenting, investigating, and trying to break things Some people retire to do the Times crossword or Sudoku, my retirement pastime is going to be playing with Oracle.

But now I’ve got 3 musical instruments to re-learn, a garden to re-engineer, apple trees to train, and a lot of rowing [U.S. “crew”] time to catch up on so that I can get fit enough to get back to playing squash (which might be an interesting experience now that my eyesight has been fixed). And for relaxation I’ll be sitting in the garden watching the birds, drinking fine wine and reading a good book.

Update (6th June 2019)

Thanks for all the appreciative comments to know. It’s nice to have a record, both here and on the tweet, of the fact that I have made a difference for so many people.