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RMOUG Training Days 2015

Yet again, it was a fantastic time at the RMOUG Training Days 2015 conference, as it has been every other year I have attended it. That is in no small measure due to the incredible work of the organizing committee, and in particular the Training Days Director, my colleague Kellyn Pot’Vin Gorman of fame. For me personally, the travel to get to Denver Colorado was somewhat more daunting than in previous years (see my earlier post for why!), but once I got there it all went relatively smoothly. I flew in on the Sunday before the conference started to allow me to get over any problems from the trip, but as it turned out everything was just fine.

I had three abstracts accepted for the conference:

The first two were two hour sessions on the first day of the conference (Tuesday), which was dedicated to deep dive sessions. I had originally planned these to be short presentations by me, followed by hands on labs to set up each of the different subjects. That fell through a few weeks before the conference when the hardware I had planned to use was taken away for upgrade, so instead I put together longer presentations with demos. As it turned out, that was a Good Thing (TM) as I had way more attendees (particularly at the PDBaaS presentation) than I would have had hardware for anyway! The third session was a much more traditional presentation – a bunch of slides followed by a shorter demo, and again it was very well attended. Lots of interest from attendees for all three, so from that perspective I was very happy.

Unfortunately I did have some technical issues with my laptop. I had some problems getting the material from my laptop onto the presentation screen, both from PowerPoint and the demo itself, so I’m going to have to spend some time sorting that out after I get home. :(

Having said that, the conference was still a blast. As I always do, I thoroughly enjoyed the interactions with attendees, but this time I also had the added enjoyment of interacting with a bunch of my colleagues from the Strategic Customer Program in the Enterprise Manager product management team – Kellyn Pot’Vin-Gorman, Courtney Llamas, Andrew Bulloch, and Werner de Gruyter. It’s when I interact with people like these guys that I realize just how much I still need to learn about Enterprise Manager as a product, particularly around the high end infrastructure architectures that the Strategic Customer Program folks normally work with.

Once the conference was finished, it was time to head up into the mountains at Breckenridge for some very relaxing R&R time. When I finish here it will be back to Intergalactic Headquarters near San Francisco for a week before I head back home again to be with family again. All in all, a fantastic conference as always, so thanks Kellyn and all the organizing committee!