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Repairman Jack : The Dark at The End…

The Dark at The End is the fifteenth book in the Repairman Jack series by F. Paul Wilson.

The Lady is a beacon signalling that sentient life exists on this planet. If she dies The Ally will turn its attention to other worlds and other dimensions, leaving the The Otherness to turn the planet into something resembling Hell. Twice The Adversary has tried to kill The Lady. Twice he has failed. Third time lucky?

I decided a few books ago that this series was to dark, but I wanted to finish to see what happens. As far as I was concerned, that meant finishing book 15 (there are 15 books in the Repairman Jack series). So I get the the end of book 15 and there is an (unhappy) ending of sorts, but a strong suggestion there is more to come. It turns out the story of Repairman Jack is actually completed in the last book of the Adversary Cycle series, so I have one book to go. All I can say is it better be a bloody happy ending. I’m starting to hope for the, “he wakes up and realizes it was all a bad dream”, ending…



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