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OT: Penultimate Movember Update

I have less than 48 hours to go. On the one hand, I feel slightly bad for finishing about 30 hours early but frankly, for those who know me, going from this ...

to this ....

Is *commitment*!

Besides, the opportunity to make even more of a fool of myself is on the horizon and the UKOUG 'Panto' will hopefully pull in more sponsorship. Because after the initial rush, the sponsorship flow has slowed down dramatically. I'm extremely grateful for all of those who have already contributed but also mindful of the promises made - "let's wait and see if you actually go through with it ...." - but still to be delivered. Ant and Dec - I'm talking to you! Whether the inevitable Panto video appears online is in the balance. If I
don't break £1000, I'd say it's pretty unlikely.

So, there isn't much time left. You've had your laugh, now time to pay up.