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OOW2011 ACE Directors Briefing

After a happy and uneventful direct flight (what a joy it is to use those
words!) to SFO, I emerged into sunshine and arrived at the Sofitel near Oracle
HQ around about tea-time to rest before today's ACE Director Briefing. Once the
Cuddly Toys had settled on their settee ...

(... and checked the luggage allowance for
the return trip. They think they're taking it home!), I caught up with mail then
popped down to the bar, just on the off-chance I *might* find some Oak Table
types there ;-)

As the others had abandoned me to go for food, I settled
on a quick drink before adjourning to my room for some nice room service and
some more slide-polishing ;-)

Well, that was the plan but then James Morle
turned up and then Cary Millsap and then Alex Gorbachev and then .... Well, the
conversation and drinks flowed and, before I knew it, it was 1am and I'd had
nothing to eat! Sigh

Fortunately, the food at the ACE D Briefing is
pretty good and to my taste. Hooray!

I was surprised at the high turn-out of people at the Oracle Conference Centre - there must be 100+ ACE D's in attendance. I must confess I wasn't sure how
much I'd enjoy the briefing - too many buzz-words and chat about technology
areas I don't give a monkey's about! I've been very pleasantly surprised so far.
Even areas that I had less interest in such as the Dev Tools stuff were
listenable because the OTN people managed to line up decent speakers. There are
also more upcoming announcements or additions to existing announcements in the
database domain and not just Fusion Apps or middleware. I'd rather not go into
the detail because even the subjects we can blog about at this stage probably
need more thought so it might be after I've attended more presentations next
week. (Added later - I'm glad I decided not to blog about the announcements or might have had to edit this post down a little ;-))

I'd already arranged to meet some friends from Oracle later in the afternoon so skipped out after the Exadata Q & A for coffee, chat and a bit of a sneak preview of the ASH Analytics part of OEM 12 courtesy of JB in the company of a couple of other Oak Table types. But pretty soon it was time to walk back to the hotel for a couple of quick beers with Marco before going to bed early to wake up early to keep polishing slides!

All in all, I really enjoyed my first day much
more than I expected and I'm able to look forward to tomorrow (erm, today ...)

It's a shame the part about going to bed early didn't work quite as well as planned, but the chat and company here are too good. Fortunately the getting up early part did work so now I suppose it's back to those damn slides again :-(

Disclosure - I'm attending the briefing and Openworld 2011 courtesy of
the Oracle ACE Director program, which is covering my expenses. The time off
work, Cuddly Toy incidentals and sizeable bar bills are on me.