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OOW 2012

I’ve just received notification that my abstract for “The Evolution of Histograms in the Oracle Database” has been accepted for Oracle OpenWorld 2012 so I’ll be seeing some of you in San Francisco in early October.  (The session reference is CON2803 – it might be a good idea to book early, I’ve filled the hall on previous trips to OOW.)

Update (Aug 10th):

I’ve just received the notification of where and when I’ll be speaking: it’s going to be in Room 302, Moscone South, from 12:15 to 13:15 on Monday 1st October.

Update (Sep 28th):

I’ve checked the pre-registration for the presentation, 214 people (from 26 different countries) have signed up so far. I don’t think the rooms are very big – if anyone remembers the limit please comment – so if you’re undecided about this one you might have to make your mind up in a hurry.

Don’t forget though, that I’ll also be speaking at OakTable World on the same day on the roof of the Moscone.

This also in, from Jeremy Schneider:

Just a quick plug for “RAC Attack” at Open World next week.  This is a free event; any Open World attendee can visit and participate. We’re in the OTN lounge daily between 9am and 1pm.  The basic idea is that you’ll get expert help in building a two-node cluster database in virtual machines.  You will be welcome to spend as much time as you would like, or as little as you can spare. We’ll help you get started, explain step-by-step or troubleshoot what’s gone wrong. 

The labs are designed for Windows-based laptops (and a few are provided) but we will assist Mac OS X and Linux users as well.  H/W requirements are on and you can also start going via laptop preparation steps at home to save time at the conference.