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October 2nd, #SQLSatOregon in Portland and the #SQLTrain!

I’m still not sure where October went….well, actually I do-  it was a flurry of travel, writing, (but not blogging!) and working with customers on a ton of new projects for the next quarter.  With the end of October, comes the preparation for PASS Summit.  Last year, I had to pass on the SQL Train, but this year?

SQL Train is the annual pilgrimage from SQL Saturday Oregon, in Portland, to PASS Summit in Seattle via Amtrak train.  Chris Hyde is the poor, tortured soul responsible for organizing this, but I hear that if you say you’ll volunteer, it’s like Hotel California-  you can check in, but you can never check out!

I will be speaking at SQL Saturday Oregon, talking automation and DevOps, before heading to Seattle on the train.  This event always has a huge turnout of fantastic speakers, getting an early prep on for Summit.  We commonly stay at hotels close to each other, if not at the same one and then head to Portland’s Union Station to take the train to Seattle on Sunday.  I believe we have two cars booked for the trip and two cars of hyped up on caffeine, techie geeks should be fun!

I have a few sessions at PASS Summit this year, both of the sessions will be part of the new Learning Pathways, (multiple sessions, leading to deeper learning vs. higher level, single sessions.)  I’ll blog more about that later this next week in preparation, but just be prepared-  any attendees should consider bringing their laptop with access to a Linux server to make the most of the session, (or a Linux docker container or Azure BASH cloud shell…some kind of terminal access to a Linux environment!)

Have a great week!


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