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Linux takes a page from Solaris… pmap available on Linux.

Recently, there was a thread on an internal alias of old Sun guys.  The problem at hand was to track down a process that is consuming memory on Linux.  This is the type of problem that can be solved many ways (ps, top, etc…), but to my amazement someone mentioned that pmap could be used for Linux…. I guess I didn’t get the memo:)

About 6 months back I wrote a few entries that discussed Solaris tools for the Linux Guy in the posts:

These posts explored how to look at Solaris from a Linux point of view – pmap(1M) should have been added to the mix.  The “pmap(1M)” command is an old Solaris command that explores the mapping of virtual memory to physical memory.  I have used it for years to explore things such as how much “SGA” is allocated and what are actual memory page sizes.  You can see the Heap, Stack, Shared, and Txt mappings.  This can be extremely useful when investigating memory leaks and other such memory related issues.  I am very happy to see that this has made it into the major Linux distributions.

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