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Joining Oracle

Last month I joined Oracle after nearly 20 years of working with their technology.  Some people congratulated me on my new role, others told me that going from working solo to working for a massive organisation would be disaster.  In the latter case, this was often associated with an impassioned “But why?”

To be honest, I found that a little discourteous – its an assumption that to work for a multinational is to become “part of the problem”.  In my career, I’ve worked for several large organisations (Fujitsu and BHP to name a couple).  I’ve always been proud of the accomplishments with those companies, never regretful.

But the best way to answer the question I figured, was to speak directly to it.

So here is why I joined Oracle …  I hope you enjoy and subscribe, because I’ll be publishing a lot more content (of a more technical nature) on my new channel.