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Installing a New Enterprise Manager 13c Environment

As I patiently wait for approvals to post my Oracle Management Cloud blog posts, I thought I would just post on Enterprise Manager 13c and answer questions that have been posed to me via email and comments.

Is there anything new I need to watch for as I install EM13c?

  1. Your management repository database should be a single-tenant database.
  2. Disable adaptive_features parameter in the database you will use for your repository.
  3. Update the /etc/security/limits.conf file to set soft nofiles to 30000 from previous common setting of 8192
  4. session_cached_cursors parameter should be set to 500
  5. Even though it may warn you on port settings, you’ll note that your settings may contain the range that was requested.  You can disregard this and the installation will allow you to ignore and proceed.

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What kind of space allocation should I have for the software library and $AGENT_HOME?

  1. If you plan on using patch plans and simplify upgrades, your software library should have at least 100G of space.  For large EM environments, we easily recommend 250-500G for the software library.
  2. If you decide to implement an AWR Warehouse, the $AGENT_HOME is the location for the dump files of AWR data that is then pushed to the AWR Warehouse host.  These files could be anywhere between 50M-11G.  Ensure you have the space for theses or failures in ETL processing could occur.

Is there anything in the install that frustrates people?

  1. The percentage of install completion vs. the disbursement of time. Any EM Administrator is quite used to this, but for anyone unfamiliar with EM installations, the install stalls at about 46% and it can lead them to panic.

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^ This is when you go out for lunch, maybe a long one….

eminstall_49 768w, 806w" sizes="(max-width: 806px) 100vw, 806px" data-recalc-dims="1" />

^ Back from lunch, but until we get to about 52%, it could be awhile.  Time to go get an after-lunch coffee! :)  Just know that from 46% till after 50%, its takes a while to get everything compiled and configured, so don’t get frustrated and think it’s hung.  Its just got a lot of work to do during this time.

There are already a number of posts on what’s new and how to perform and install, so I’m going to keep this short, but hopefully valuable to those that are looking to install it for the first time or just looking for a few pointers.




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