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The holistic SQL tuning series

I did a set of articles for Oracle Magazine on a more holistic view of SQL tuning. What do I mean by “holistic”? It was a reflection of a common problem that I see when questions come into AskTOM, or when people in the community approach me at conferences, namely, there is an inclination to dive straight into the deepest levels of the tuning exercise:

  • “What index should I create?”
  • “Should I increase the parallel degree?”

etc etc. And as technical practitioners, it is an easy trap to fall into. We too often fail to step back and approach the problem from its true requirement – that of, satisfying a business need. We might end up deep in the code, but we should probably not start there.

So I have consolidated the 4-part series here to provide my blueprint for tackling SQL tuning to give the most business success, which ultimately is the goal of the technology solutions we build.

Part 1 – The Business Requirement

Part 2 – Tuning the User Experience, finding problematic SQL

Part 3 – Tuning the SQL statement, the True Execution Plan

Part 4 – Common causes for poor performance