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Final Redgate Webinar

Thanks to all those that attended the last Webinar organised by James Murtagh (@allthingsoracle) of Red Gate Software. It was very well attended and the feedback was all pretty good although, as I've said before, ASH Analytics presentations always seem to go down well and I suspect that says as much about the feature as it does about the presenter, if not more! If you missed out and fancied checking it out, the video is available here.

Because there have been a number of interesting questions that have cropped up during the post-presentation Q&A sections of both Webinars, James and I decided that a third and final session might be a good idea during which I'll try to work through maybe a handful of the more detailed questions or show other examples and case studies that I've used in the past. At this stage the plans are pretty flexible although the schedule and registration details are here. (and yes, that is the day I get back from Dallas after the Enkitec E4 conference but I'm hoping that the adrenalin rush will help with the jet-lag ;-))

I already have some questions in mind from the earlier webinars, but if you have any OEM Performance Page related questions that you'd like to see covered, feel free to post them in the comments section below. Even if you asked a question during the Q&A and it wasn't answered at the time, it might be worth posting a detailed version below because this can be quite a wide subject!

I guess that James will also invite questions in advance of the webinar. Clearly I can't hope to cover everything in a limited time period so apologies if your question isn't covered but I'll do my best to get to them all somehow.