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Everything I Needed to Know About Enterprise Manager I Learned at Collaborate 2015

Collaborate 2015 at the Mandalay in Las Vegas is just around the corner and the sheer amount of Enterprise Manager focused content is phenomenal!  Oracle partners and power users around the world come together each year to provide the lucky attendees the best in use cases, tips and technical know -how regarding the best infrastructure management tool in the industry.

If you are one of the lucky masses who attend this incredible conference from IOUG, Quest and OAUG, you’ll be searching the massive schedule of sessions for the presenters that will get you to the level of expertise you desire in Enterprise Manager features and products.  So let’s save you a lot of time and just tell you about all the incredible sessions and offer you some links!

Sunday, April 12th

Our adventure starts out on Sunday with the IOUG Pre-Conference Workshops.  Join Werner De Gruyter, Courtney Llamas and me for a great hands on lab titled, “Everything I Ever Needed to Know About OEM, I Learned at Collaborate!”  from 9am-noon.   After you’ve refreshed with some lunch and networked with some of the other speakers and attendees, you can then head over to Brent Sloterbeek, from Gentex Corporation to sit in on his user experience session where he speaks on his great success expanding the use of EM12c from just the DBA staff to the entire IT department.

Monday, April 13th

Monday begins the impressive list of presenters on Enterprise Manager topics, beginning with my peer, the ever impressive Courtney Llamas explaining how you can take EM12c from “Zero to Manageability”.  The schedule has Werner and I as her co-presenters, but she knows this topic like the back of her hand, so if she does have us speak, it will mostly be both of us saying, “What she said!” :)

The first session choosing challenge of the conference starts right here, folks!  The wonderful Rene Antunez, from Pythian is also presenting at the same time on Database as a Service in the Cloud. I pity those who have to choose between these two sessions and please don’t ask me to choose between coworkers and Rene, who I mentored.  It’s just too difficult for me to make one!

After Courtney and Rene, you can head over and see Rich Niemiec speak on the Best in Database 12c Tuning Features, followed by another person I’ve mentored for years and am proud to be the mentor of, Golden Gate expert, Bobby Curtis, who’ll take some time off from GG to tell you about how to best implement Exachk for Exadata with EM12c.

At 3:15pm, we have another competition of sessions on EM12c that you need to choose between and I’m in the middle of it, too!  Ravi Madabhushanam, from App Associates will be discussing how Easy E-Business Suite patching can be with Enterprise Manager while I discuss one of the newest symbiotic product launches from the EM12c performance team, the Power of the AWR Warehouse.  I’m not finished yet-  3:15 is a popular session time!  Erik Benner, Steve Lemme,  Seth Miller, Rene Antunez, Charles Kim and Michael Timpanaro-Perrotta, (OK, so someone has a longer name than me! :) ) will be on a panel discussing how IT can benefit and should consider Database as a Service! But wait-  that’s still not all at 3:15pm, (yeah, it’s going to be a tough decision…)  Michael Nelson from Northrop Grumman  will be talking about the importance and how to implement the Automatic Diagnostic Repository.

Monday finishes up with three great sessions at 4:15, (sorry folks, you have to make another difficult decision again…:) )  One of my fantastic co-authors from the Expert Enterprise Manager 12c book is up to bat, Leighton Nelson,  Introducing Enterprise Manager .  It’s an excellent complement to Courtney’s session earlier in the day, so if you are new to the product, please consider this session.  For those of you who are looking for an advanced topics, we then have Kant Mrityunjay from AST Corporation discussing  Top Automation of Weblogic Tasks and for the database performance folks, we have Alfredo Krieg Villa from Sherwin Williams, discussing how to Stabilize Performance with SQL Plan Management in DB12c.

Monday evening offers you the chance to relax and network with fellow Enterprise Manager experts  at 5:30pm in the Exhibit Hall at the Oracle Demogrounds where you can view demos on Total Cloud Control and Applications Management, both powered by Oracle Enterprise Manager! It’s a great chance to speak with product managers, some of the Strategic Customer Program team members and Oracle community power users.

Tuesday, April 14th

Tuesday kicks off EM12c sessions at 9:45am with Ken Ramey from Centroid Systems focusing on security with Protect Your Identities, but will offer some bonus tuning tips, too!  At this same time, if you are looking for the best answers on how to upgrade to EM12c High Availability, head on over and see Bill Petro from American Express who will go over a real user experience on how it’s done right!

Bobby Curtis is back up to bat, (he’ll appreciate the baseball reference… :) )  speaking on his topic of specialty, GoldenGate monitoring with EM12c.   Erick Mader and Jon Gilmore from Zirous, Inc. will be up at 11am to tell you all about Oracle WebLogic Performance Tuning.   You also have the chance to learn about the power of Oracle Real User Experience, (aka RUEI) from Frank Jordan of ERP Suites during this time on Tuesday.  Rich Niemiec will be speaking at 11am, too, mostly on Database 12c features, but he does promise, since it is a session on the BEST Database 12c features, he will be covering a few Enterprise Manager features, too!

Alfredo Krieg Villa is back on Tuesday at 2pm, to discuss how to save your day with Enterprise Manager 12c Administration.  You lucky devils get to learn more about the glories of Automated Patching with EM12c from Fernando de Souza from General Dynamics IT at 4:30 to finish out your Tuesday OEM sessions.

Tuesday concludes with the Exhibitor Showcase Happy Hour in the Exhibit Hall at the Oracle Demogrounds where you get another chance at Cloud Control and Applications Management demos, along with great Las Vegas Mandalay venue drinks and food!

Wednesday, Aprile 15th

We start out Wednesday at 8am with Gleb Otochin from Pythian, (ask me about my first interaction with Gleb when we worked across from each other when I trained at the Ottawa office-  great story! :) ) He’s a brilliant guy and he’s going to tell you all about how to build Your Own Private Cloud.  Also at 8am, Collaborate has Shawn Ruff from Mythics discussing how to Manage and Monitor Fusion Middleware while one of my co-authors on the Enterprise Manager Command Line Interface book, Ray Smith, is going to show you how to Flaunt it if You’ve Got it with EM12c Extensibility.  You also have Frank Pound from the Bank of Canada who’s going to show you how easy it is Comply with Audits using EM12c.

You get a small break from EM12c content, so take a breath, network or if you want, you can attend other sessions not on our EM12c list.  I’ll forgive you, really… :)  At 10:45, Krishna Kapa from UBS is going to explain Oracle Database 12c Multitenant with Enterprise Manager 12c.

At 12:30, we then have the great IOUG Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c SIG.  If you are passionate about EM12c and want to get involved in the community, this is the place to be!  We are planning out this event, even as I write this and I can tell you, it’s going to be great!

At 2:45pm, the always wonderful, Kai Yu, from Dell, will show you how to Design and Implement Your Own Private Cloud.  During this same time, Claudia Naciff and Vladimir Lugo, of Loyola Marymount University, will be making my day by promoting  Migrating Your Cron Jobs to Oracle EM12c.  I love seeing folks simplifying management of their environments with Enterprise Manager and it’s great to see Claudia and Vladimir presenting on this topic.  Last, but not least in this time slot is  Raj Garrepally from Emory University, presenting how to use Oracle Enterprise Manager, along with other tools to ease the management of Peoplesoft Environments.

Erik Benner is up at 4pm to talk about  Servers and Systems and Storage, Oh My!  Don’t miss out learning about infrastructure management with EM12c.  It’s going to be another tough decision on sessions again at this 4pm time slot-  Leighton Nelson is also speaking with Sean Brown from World Wide Technology on Database as a Server with RAC using DB12c, along with a panel from Keith Baxter on Oracle Best Practices for Managing Oracle Applications.

Thursday, April 16th

The last day of Collaborate 2015 is made sunnier by starting the morning with Krishna Kapa from UBS as he gives another great session, this time on how to successfully combine Database 12c Multitenant Architecture with EM12c.   If Las Vegas isn’t sunny enough with the addition of that first session on the list, you also have Angelo Rosado from Oracle giving another session of great content on Managing Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2 with EM12c.

At 9:45, James Lui and Erik Benner are going to host the OAUG Oracle Enterprise Manager Applications SIG.  This is a great way to get involved with Fusion Middleware passionate folks in our community, provide feedback and be part of the best in the middleware world, (not to be confused with Tolkien’s middle earth, but we’ll know who’s who if anyone shows up dressed as an elf or hobbit, right? :) )  Another great session on DBaaS is up during this time for all you EM12c fans from someone I’ve enjoyed presenting with at Oracle, GP Gongloor.  He’ll show you how the future is now with Advanced Database Management with Database as a Service and EM12c.

Mark Saltsman and Kumar Anthireyan from Bias are presenting at 11am, explaining the 12 Things to Consider for Migrating EBS onto Exadata, which will include some great tips with EM12c.  Mark Scardina from Oracle is going to present on Database Clouds with Oracle RAC 12c and as we know, cloud is the almighty world we live in now!  My previous boss and always mentor, Alex Gorbachev is on at this time, too, presenting on Anomaly Detection for Database  Monitoring.  His summary description describes it as a novel approach, but with Alex, should we expect anything less? :) All of these great presenters are up against one of my favorite peers at Oracle, Pete Sharman, who is the master of masters when it comes to Database as a Service.  He will discuss Data Cloning and Refreshes Made Easy with EM12c Snap Clone.  If you want to learn from the master on DBaaS, this is the guy!  To make things even more difficult, my team members from SCP, Courtney Llamas and Werner De Gruyter are presenting in this same time slot to take you Under the Hood of the Enterprise Manager.  This session covers a lot of what we do as part of the SCP team and I know how much I learned from both of these wonderful teammates when I joined Oracle.  If you are considering implementing EM12c, this is an invaluable session.

To close out the conference on EM12c sessions, Courtney Llamas will easily convince everyone the power of Smarter Monitoring with Adaptive Thresholds and Time Based Metrics.  For anyone who is looking to “silence the white noise” in their environment, this is a not-to-be-missed session.  Anthony Noriega will also be presenting at during this time slot on a great case study revolving around Moving ASM Files that includes EM12c, so let’s give these great presenters on the last day our support  and don’t miss out on all the great content that is going on till the very end!


For those of you who are interested in Social Media, I’ll also be on the Social Media panel on Monday at 4pm, (as soon as I finish my AWR Warehouse session, so if you see me running down the hall, you know where I’m headed!) and if you are a WIT, (Women in Technology), you’ll soon see the announcement that I’m your speaker for the Monday luncheon.  I won’t ruin all the surprise and I’ll leave it to IOUG to let you in on the special topic I’ll be presenting on!

If you want a “just the facts” list of all the EM12c sessions for the conference, go to the following link, which will provide everything you need to make it easy to add your choices to My Show Planner.  See you at IOUG Collaborate 2015 in April at the Mandalay!

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