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Direct path insert and IOTs

(Please tell me that I’m not the only one who thinks "Index Organized Table" instead of "Internet Of Things" when hearing IOT…)

This post is inspired by Connor McDonald and his blog post from a year ago about direct mode operations and IOTs.
You can read it here:

While writing a redo parser for V00D00 I had to investigate this subject very closely from a redo log perspective. And this will be the subject of my 10-minute lightning talk at Oak Table World 2017 at Oracle Open World!

Before we start – in the last blog post (rollback internals) I introduced a new tool for parsing redo log dumps. It was called logfile_dump_parser but since it was a boring name, I decided to call it apud (archivelog parser using dumpfile). If you want to know why it is less boring name, reverse name apud and find the meaning in Polish-English dictionary </p />

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