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On the difficulties of Migrations – Especially to new Blogs

I haven’t posted here in a log while. That’s because I’ve been posting all my stories and ideas over at the Pythian blog.

I knew that migrations are one of the most difficult tasks in IT operations, but I did not realize this also applies to blogs. Yesterday, Alex helped me look at the blog statistics over at the Pythian blog and it turns out that over there I have about 10% of the readers that I had over here. While I’m just as brilliant in the Pythian blog as I was here, I guess that with all the old links, google ranks and people not changing their RSS subscriptions – blog locations have a lot more momentum than I suspected.

Anyway, to the 90% of my readers who apparently only read me at this address, in the next few days I’ll copy over the blog posts that I neglected to post here. I’ll try to post new articles here in the future, but they will always appear in the Pythian blog first, so you really should add my new address to whatever it is you use to follow blogs.