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Delphix: Gartner’s Cool Vendors in Storage for 2013!


Delphix has been selected as one of Gartner’s Cool Vendors in Storage for 2013!

Gartner uses the Cool Vendor awards to highlight innovative and disruptive new companies that are rapidly changing how enterprises do business.

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J Lewis Delphix recently engaged with Oracle guru Jonathan Lewis who spent a week putting Delphix through its paces and responding to community-driven requests / questions. A recording of the first webinar is available, informally answering the top community questions.

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451 Research Many organizations have adopted agile development processes to accelerate their application projects. However, the database underlying these applications is often a major obstacle to success with agile development.  Register for this live webinar on May 8 to listen to the 451 Research and Delphix discuss the role of databases in agile development

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IBM Delphix completed a performance driven test with IBM, focusing on how to architect a high performance environment for virtual environments. The results may surprise you, as Delphix powered virtual databases performed over 500% faster in our joint tests.

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The number of ways Delphix customers continue to leverage Delphix is impressive. Delphix recently worked with customers who were using Delphix to dramatically reduce their load on production databases and their SAN. These discussions lead our professional services team to document Delphix’s impact on production from the data we’ve jointly collected with our customers.

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Delphix is now a SAP Endorsed Business Solution. Delphix’s data virtualization technologytransforms the economics of data and application management, allowing accelerated deployments of SAP® solutions with reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) and effort.

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