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Deferred Invalidation

I was going to write an article on the way 12.2 has introduced the option for “deferred invalidation” for a number of DDL operations, but I did a quick google search before I started writing and found that both Franck Pachot and Richard Foote (yes, rebuild index is one of the operations) had got there long ago, so here are a couple of links – as much for my own benefit as anything else:

Richard Foote:

Franck Pachot:

Franck’s 2nd example may be particularly to some clients of mine who were had problems with SQL queries that were crashing (slowly and randomly) instead of running very efficiently because they were running queries against one subpartition of a table while another subpartition of the same table was subject to exchange. With a little bad luck in the timing an exchange that took place between a parse and an execute would cause a query to have its cursor invalidated and re-parsed in a way that failed to do (sub-)partition elimination the way it should have because the local indexes were in an indeterminate state.